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Aips Sport Media Awards: Colombia presente con ocho postulaciones

Conozca la lista completa de las categorías con las postulaciones de los participantes de las Américas.

Los Aips Sport Media Awards anuncian la lista larga de todas las categorías con los postulados para la región de las Américas.

Esta lista larga representa la primera etapa de evaluación y se basa en las calificaciones promedio del panel de especialistas de AIPS, los miembros del Comité Ejecutivo y los miembros del Jurado.

Como se establece en la Regla 8, los organizadores de los Premios AIPS se reservan el derecho de mover una postulación a otra categoría cuando sea considerado más apropiado.

Todas las listas se muestran en orden alfabético por país:


Pablo Amalfitano (Argentina), The last Vilas, 30 years later: “For him, everything was to win and win” – Página/12

Sebastian Fest (Argentina), Federer and Nadal, or everything a photo says (and hides) – Vanity Fair

Marcela Mora y Araujo (Argentina), Lionel Messi and Argentina look in harmony with World Cup dream alive – The Guardian

Sebastián Torok (Argentina), Federer. The elegance of a body in harmony: the legacy of the vulnerable tennis player who moved us – Diario La Nación

Alejandro Wall (Argentina), This final December – Tiempo Argentino

Marcus Alves (Brazil), Ricardo Quaresma: Portugal’s flamboyant former star and his stand for Roma rights | Evangelicalism & Brazil: The religious movement that spread through a national team – BBC

Fernando Duarte (Brazil), Lea Campos: The Brazilian who battled prejudice & patriarchy to become a referee – BBC

Pedro Ramos (Brazil), Why China uses the Africa Cup of Nations to exert more influence on the continent – Estadão

Crisneive Silveira (Brazil), Autistic child creates his own World Cup album in the interior of Ceará – Diário do Nordeste

Devin Heroux (Canada), Inside the mind of Canada’s Mikaël Kingsbury, the greatest moguls skier in history – CBC

Don Landry (Canada), Colin Hodgson’s Year of Challenge – The Curling News/Sports illustrated

Natascia Lypny (Canada), Golden Opportunity – CBC Saskatchewan

Lee Reaney (Canada), Inside the IPC’s About-Face on Banning Russia & Belarus – Lviv Today

Esteban Abarzua (Chile), They were all destined for greatness – Las Ultimas Noticias

Danilo Díaz (Chile), The penalty that was charged from Santiago – Revista Tribuna Andes

Carlos González Lucay (Chile), The Marcelo Ríos Method: his secrets as a coach – La Tercera

Osvaldo Hernández (Colombia), The $38 billion that entangles Mindeporte and the OEI – Diario La Patria de Manizales

Abraham Jiménez Enoa (Cuba), The impossible fight of Namibia Flores – Gatopardo

Reiner Germer (Honduras), The path of Honduran immigrant athletes in Spain – HonduSports Ilustrada

Eduardo Enrique López Navarrete (Mexico), The Yucatan Sustainable Stadium has not seen the light of day for almost two years – Diario AS

Sabra Boyd (USA), A 2,700-Mile Cycling Race Is Now Even More Extreme – New York Times

Tommy Delaunay (USA), Kate Sanborn found belonging with the marathon – FloSports / MileSplit

David Gardner (USA), How a former NBA player and activist became a far-right media darling – Washington Post

Cory Mull (USA), How one team in Buffalo healed in the face of tragedy – FloSports

Adam Williams (USA), An Indigenous Women’s Softball Team Beats Opponents, and male chauvinist | Landmines took their limbs. Soccer brought them glory. – The New York Times | National Geographic

Diego Domínguez (Uruguay), The story of the novice doctor who saved Maradona from his first death – El País Uruguay


Pablo Amalfitano (Argentina), Stefanía Lisa, after the nightmare: “Reporting is the only way to heal” – Página/12

Jorge Barraza (Argentina), “Football is overanalyzed” – El Tiempo

Sergio Levinsky (Argentina), The deads that you killed – Dosis Futbolera

Marcela Mora y Araujo (Argentina), Thrown into the World Cup: The challenge of telling things as they are and at the same time believing in magic –

Pablo Perantuono (Argentina), Human, too human –

María Constanza Vanzini (Argentina), Gender violence in tennis: protocols are urgent – Feminacida

Alejandro Wall (Argentina), A human limit for the football business – Post Opinion

Morgan Campbell (Canada), WNBA star Brittney Griner, detained in Russia, is guilty only of pursuing a salary that matches her skill – CBC

Michelle Ferguson (Canada), When Nazem Kadri hoisted the Stanley Cup, he lifted a whole community along with it – CBC

Esteban Abarzua (Chile), The lives that Magallanes does not forget – Las Ultimas Noticias

Felipe Antonio Zarruk Diazgranados (Colombia), The face of ‘The Lord’-Extratiempo Radio

Yunier Javier Sifonte Diaz (Cuba), God save the King? – Cubadebate

Ricardo Vasconcellos (Ecuador), FEF blockade on press freedom – El Universo

Eduardo Sebastián Alarcón Hernández (Mexico), Native Americans: Ancient bravery in North American football – Grupo Mexicano de Redacción

Loanny Picado (Nicaragua), Football and the land I left – Zona de penal

Paul Fein (USA), Roger Federer: Tennis God and man of the People | Serena, An Enigma – Sportstar

Rómulo Cono Martínez Chenlo (Uruguay), Luis Suárez, the endorphin processor: The (NOT) chosen – La Diaria


Sergio Ferraro (Argentina), Sean Eternos: Champions of America – Pegsa / Netflix

Rodrigo Araujo (Brazil), The reserves of 82′ – Globo

Gustavo Rotstein (Brazil), Football and religion – TV Globo

Andres Posse, Stephanie Bates (Colombia), Champions of life – Primera Voz

Donald Oliver (Jamaica), Carifta 49: The story – SportsMax TV


Camila Alves (Brazil), In a letter to her son, Cristiane recalls tough childhood and ambitions: “Why am I going to stop dreaming” – Grupo Globo

Natascia Lypny (Canada), Golden opportunity – CBC Saskatchewan

Al Bello (USA), The trailblazer – Getty Images

Marissa Boyajian (USA), The house that Jeff built | The ride of their lives – NBC Sports

David Swartz (USA), A face for her people: Rosalie Fish – CBS Sports


Henrique Arcoverde (Brazil), O Cara da Luva de Pedreiro: The bricklayer’s glove guy – Grupo Globo

Duberney Castaño (Colombia), Luis Díaz, the origin – Telemedellin

Olivia Ekpone (USA), Allie Ostrander: Under pressure, gaining your life back – FloSports

Cory Mull (USA), Rheinhardt Harrison: Sub-Four – FloSports

David Swartz (USA), We need to talk with: Donna DeVarona & Lesley Visser – CBS Sports


Emiliano Nunia (Argentina), Juan Carlos Unzué: Example of overcoming an irreversible disease like ALS | Sergio Scariolo: The man who tame his ego and continues to accumulate success with the Spanish Team – Radio Villa Trinidad (97.9), Super Deportivo Radio

Greg Kelly, Peter Brown (Canada), Lloyd Percival: Canada’s Sports Prophet – CBC Radio One

Santiago Aristizábal Pino (Colombia), Special | Central American dream – Cap 1 Santiago Gómez Castrillón – Podcast Fútbol Sonoro

Andrew Bernstein (USA), Legends Of Sport podcast with co-founder and host Andrew D. Bernstein – Legends Of Sport

Benjamin Payne (USA), The business of ‘Banana Ball’: How the Savannah Bananas are changing baseball in Georgia and beyond – Georgia Public Broadcasting

Ari Saperstein (USA), Blind Landing: “Out on the ice” – Blind Landing

Sebastián Moreira (Uruguay), Death of a star – Julio Cesar Benítez – Por Decir Algo – M24


German Paez (Argentina), Sport Portfolio 2022 – German.paez.fotografo (Instagram)

Luiza Moraes (Brazil), Budapest 2022 FINA World Championships – FINA

Luis Acosta (Colombia), Women in the Ancestral Indigenous games – Log Race – AFP

Luis Henry Agudelo Cano (Colombia), Suspended in time – Luishenry.agudelocano (Facebook)

Yamil Lage Acosta (Cuba), Santa Fe Surfs Club, wild and crazy – AFP

Yuri Cortez (El Salvador), Torn boxing gloves aiming for gold medals | Guns and bullets for basketball dreams – AFP

Steph Chambers (USA), Para Hockey – Getty Images

Christian Petersen (USA), Christian Petersen Portfolio 2022 – Getty Images

Ezra Shaw (USA), Flying and Sliding – Getty Images

Patrick Smith (USA), Winter Warriors: The Beijing Olympics – Getty Images

Miguel Gutierrez (Venezuela), Without Justification – Agencia EFE


Rodrigo Jaramillo (Argentina), Calculated – Comité Olímpico Argentino

Leandro Amorim (Brazil), Parisian shower – Getty Images

Cristiano Andujar (Brazil), Flying in the sand – Tournament Official Social Media

Ronaldo Barreto (Brazil), A Huge Celebration – UOL

Wesley Carvalho (Brazil), Until the last minute – Federação Paranaense de Futebol

André Durão (Brazil), Elegant bike –

Sergio Moraes (Brazil), Penalty not scored – Reuters

Werther Santana (Brazil), Step to the top – Jornal O Estado de S. Paulo

Lucio Tavora (Brazil), Flown – Xinhua News Agency

Jonatan Andrés Moreno (Colombia), Between eyes – IDRD (Instituto Distrital de Recreación y Deporte de Bogotá)

Lorena Barba Martín (Mexico), Suspendido – Imago 7

Sergio Ivan Caro Torres (Mexico), Overwhelming | Cross punch – Boxing Magazine Japan

Bruce Bennett (USA), Net celebration – Getty Images

Steph Chambers (USA), Lyles – Getty Images

Ezra Shaw (USA), Ironman world championships – Getty Images

Fernando Gonzalez Roth (Uruguay), Love does not stop –

Miguel Gutierrez (Venezuela), War scar – Agencia EFE


Henrique Arcoverde (Brazil), The bricklayer’s glove guy – Grupo Globo

Mariana Tolentino (Brazil), Citizenship and Sport: Teachers are examples of social inclusion and democracy – Sistema Sagres de Comunicação

Benjamin Cure (USA), Benjamin Cure interviews Inter Miami CF Academy U-17 goalkeepers – Inter Miami CF

Audrey Green (USA), Tennis Ground-Breaking on Middle Tennessee State University’s Campus – Audrey Green (YouTube)

Benjamin Payne (USA), The business of ‘Banana Ball’: How the Savannah Bananas are changing baseball in Georgia and beyond – Georgia Public Broadcasting

Ari Saperstein (USA), Ukrainian gymnast Illia Kovtun & the photo seen around the world – Blind Landing


Martin Minevitz (Argentina), Taking the zone – Argentina Dorada

João Felipe Heim (Brazil), The silence of the goal – ZIMEL Press

Luiza Moraes (Brazil), Flash – Luiza Moraes Photography

Vinicius Do Prado (Brazil), The party pooper visitor – Agência Drap

Alejandro Matías Acosta (Colombia), Bacca at the last minute – Agencia Kronos Barranquilla

Pool Junior Pelaez Burga (Peru), São Paulo vs Independiente del Valle – Final of the Copa Sudamericana 2022 – Diaesportivo

Enzo Santos (Uruguay), At the feet of a giant – Peñarol


Camila Alves (Brazil), “Their lives were threatened by the Taliban”: the former captain who evacuated hundreds of athletes – Grupo Globo

Tommy Delaunay (USA), Kate Sanborn found belonging with the marathon – FloSports, MileSplit

Diego Domínguez (Uruguay), The story of the novice doctor who saved Maradona from his first death in Punta del Este – El País Uruguay

Facundo Verdún (Uruguay), Between free throws and prisoners – La Diaria

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